This is a responsive video loop projection mapped onto a laser cut 3D object. On the left, the structure is made out of plexi glass and laser cut sticker paper. On the right, the projector shines light onto laser cut scrim. Both objects have the same shapes cut into them. The animated visual being projected was created in After Effects, and loaded onto Processing, so that the speed of playback of the projection corresponded to the volume of our soundscape and the audience.
In this project, I experimented with how different programming platforms can interact with each other. I created a Max Patcher that analyzes the red, green, and blue values of the computer's camera input. The viewer interacts with this piece by holding objects up to the camera. I then wrote some code on Processing that analyzes the pitch being produced, and projects a corresponding color onto a hanging sheet of plexiglass. This is an experimentation of how human-computer interaction and communication between softwares can imagine other, strange ways of watching TV and consuming media.